Diversity and Inclusion

We’re passionate about creating better justice for everybody in the UK. That means having a diverse workforce that fully represents the people we serve.

Why diversity and inclusion matters

Diversity ensures we can deliver services fairly and in response to individual needs. It feeds innovation and ideas by giving us a range of perspectives to draw on.  It improves decision-making by ensuring we consider issues from every angle.  And it increases confidence in the system when service users see themselves reflected in our workforce.

We’re now in the middle of an exciting period of change, working together to create a more streamlined and helpful system.  We want diversity and inclusion to be at its heart and are prepared to think radically and act boldly to make a real difference.

Our strategy

When people come to work for HMCTS we want them to feel safe and that they belong.  Everyone should have the support and solidarity of their colleagues and managers, and be treated with empathy and respect.

Our strategy promotes equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. It ensures that HMCTS:

  • provides fair and accessible services with equal access for all users
  • is an inclusive organisation to colleagues and users, where everyone is treated fairly and with respect
  • has a diverse workforce, reflecting society at all levels
  • prioritises wellbeing, with a culture that promotes good mental, physical and emotional health for all colleagues

What it means to you

Join us and you’ll work in an inclusive, diverse environment where there are opportunities for everyone to develop. We have locations all over England and Wales, and a real variety of roles, so we’re bound to have a position to suit you – whatever your skills and strengths.

We want everyone to feel part of a community of professionals and support you in every way we can. There are a number of diversity networks across HMCTS, the Ministry of Justice and the wider Civil Service. They include the disability network, the HMCTS Racial Inclusion and Striving for Equality (RISE) network , the gender equality forum, SPIRIT (LGBT+) and many more.

Together we’ll create better justice for everyone.