Why Join Us

Why Join Us


Working at DTS will be a rewarding experience in so many ways.

It’s a chance to do what you do well for the benefit of people in real need. Access to justice is one of the fundamental rights of living in this country. So whatever you do here, you’ll be helping to provide something precious. You’ll have an impact on how justice is delivered. But you won’t just be helping us change, you’ll change too. You’ll learn new skills, get involved in meaningful work. As we grow, you’ll grow with us – and we’ll make sure you’re well rewarded too.

Making justice fit for the future means we’ll invest in you so you can deliver. As well as looking after your professional development, we won’t forget you have a life beyond work. Wherever we can, we’ll flex to meet your needs. Our people are who we are. We only reach our potential if you achieve yours. Working here needs to work for you in every sense. We’ll make sure it does. Every step of the way.

Our culture

We love our culture.  We value helping each other, trust, honesty, transparency, empowerment and lack of blame, as you’ll see from our Digital Delivery Principles below.

It’s our aim to be as focused as possible on the needs of the end user. This is why we are here. As their needs change, we strive to meet them and deliver a responsive, joined-up service. When we hire new people, we look for a strong customer focus. People who understand the impact and purpose of their role and can see the bigger picture of what we all do.

This means we take pride in our roles. How we do what we do makes a difference. So finding better ways to deliver more and to make life easier is something we all keep front of mind. Knowing that our contribution matters to someone, somewhere makes all our effort and teamwork worthwhile.

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Our values